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This person comes to Kabul to do his duty every day, had given up US citizenship for the presidential election

Kabul’s ‘former mayor’ still comes to office daily after the Taliban take over Afghanistan and says he is not helping the Taliban but fulfilling his duty. Daoud Sultanzoy, a former US citizen, is a pilot by profession and has given up his passport to run for the presidential election of Afghanistan.

Kabul. While the Taliban government in Afghanistan has reportedly sacked Waheed Majroh, the last remaining minister in the Ashraf Ghani government, Kabul’s ‘former mayor’ Daoud Sultanzoy, 66, is counting down his days in office. . While Kabul has already got a new administrator in the form of Taliban leader Hamdulla Nomani, Daoud Sultanjoy remains mayor as the post has not officially gone to Nomani. Sultanjoy is still coming to office everyday and sharing office space with Nomani.

Daoud Sultanjoy is an American citizen who was born in Kabul and fought against the Soviet Union in the early 1980s. Dawood Sultanjoy, a US-trained pilot by profession, returned to Afghanistan to help the Taliban government after the 9/11 attacks.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he spoke about his peculiar position in the Kabul administration. He was contacted a day after the Taliban captured Kabul on 15 August. They were assured of security by the Taliban and soon after the capture of Kabul they resumed work to ensure that municipal works such as garbage collection, sanitation continued uninterrupted.

“It’s a responsibility you can’t unnecessarily remove because you say, ‘Oh, I don’t like these people’,” he said. He said that he is not involved in politics at all. “I am here because I am responsible for the people of Kabul and I have decided to stick to this responsibility,” he said.

According to the report, “The mayor’s unusual and precarious position highlights the complexities of this transition period in Afghanistan, as well as the Taliban’s efforts to shift from a brutal rural insurgency to a government that is a nation of 40 million people.” and run one of its eight Afghan cities to modern cities such as Kabul.”

Daoud Sultanjoy gave up his US passport to contest the 2014 presidential election, although his wife was crowned Miss Afghanistan in 1972 and their children are in the US. Sultanjoy said that the decision he took, his family is also with that decision.

He said, “I am not helping. I was appointed to serve this city and I am still serving this city.” He said of how he saw the change in the Taliban, “I find them more tolerant. I’m not saying everyone I’ve met, I’m sure there are other elements. But the people I’ve met are very Humble, very understanding.”

Kabul’s new administrator Hamdulla Nomani told Wall Street that the new leadership liked Dawood Sultanjoy and that political issues were not being considered. “Whoever has served honestly and has a good record, and that includes the mayor, deputy mayor and other directors are all our friends, we have not changed these positions,” Nomani said.

The Kabul municipality has recently asked its male workers to rejoin work, while the Taliban have asked female workers to stay home. The decision rests with the Taliban leadership and Sultanjoy looks after the day-to-day activities. For the past three months, Sultanjoy has not received any salary, first because the Ashraf Ghani government delayed payments and now the Taliban have no money to pay.