This nun was dancing happily in the crematorium with the skeletons, people...

This nun was dancing happily in the crematorium with the skeletons, people got scared after seeing the scary sight

The nun was dancing with the skeletons in the crematorium.

We shiver as soon as we hear the name of the crematorium. Even if we pass by it, a fear remains in our heart. Imagine, how would it feel if you saw a person dancing with a skeleton? It is natural that we will get scared. This sight will be very scary and scary. A similar case was seen in Hull city of UK. Here a nun is also seen playing and dancing with the skeletons. The people around there have captured many pictures of this incident in their cameras. All these photos are going viral on social media.


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According to the report of Hull Live, many people have given their reactions on this incident. People do not believe that this case can even be true. Dailystar has also published a report on this whole matter. In the report, dailystar has written that a woman has been seen doing strange things near Hull General Cemetery. According to eyewitnesses, the woman was dressed like a nun, she was happily playing with the skeletons. Dogs were also present with him.


Many views of people are coming out on this incident, some people believe that this dancing nun is part of some stunt or art project. At the same time, some people are saying that where the woman is seen dancing, it is a deserted area. No body has been buried here for 50 years. This crematorium was built in 1847 and was closed in 1972.