This news anchor, who was reading the news in Afghanistan with a...

This news anchor, who was reading the news in Afghanistan with a gun stretched on his forehead, said- ‘No need to be afraid!’

This news anchor is telling his audience, ‘There is no need to be afraid.’

Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the situation there has become pathetic. People of Afghanistan are taking refuge in other countries after saving their lives, journalists are being killed in broad daylight, women and small girls are being raped. Afghanistan is seeing a very bad form with the return of Taliban after 20 years. Recently a video has gone viral on social media. In this video a TV anchor (News TV anchor in Afghanistan) is reading the news and behind him are Taliban fighters with guns. Anyone can be scared by watching the video, but it is important to watch this video to know the situation in Afghanistan.

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In this video, a TV anchor can be seen reading the news. It can be seen in the video that 2 Taliban are present with guns behind him. This video has been shared by BBC journalist Kian Sharifi on his Twitter account. According to the information given by him, this video is from a channel called Afghan TV. In this video, the news anchor is appealing to the people to support the Islamic Emirate, while a gun is kept on his forehead.

More than 9 lakh people have seen this video so far. This video is being spoken in Pashto language. It is to be known that on August 15, 2021, after the occupation of Afghanistan, the Taliban said that there would be no restrictions on journalists. Apart from this video, another video has been shared which is more than 2 minutes.

After watching this video you can understand what is the situation in Afghanistan. Many users have commented on this video. People have said that Afghanistan is living in the shadow of fear.


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