This man made a world record by growing 839 tomatoes from 1...

This man made a world record by growing 839 tomatoes from 1 branch of tomato

Tomato is such a vegetable, which gets mixed with every vegetable. Be it chutney, or salad, it is in demand everywhere. In view of the demand, farmers also cultivate it. Some farmers try to grow more. Some farmers are successful, some people are disappointed, while there are some farmers who also make world records. Today we are going to tell you about a farmer who has made a world record in growing tomatoes.

A British man has created a world record by growing 839 tomatoes from a single branch. No farmer has done such a feat before. Let’s know the whole matter.

Douglas, who hails from Britain, is 43 years old. Recently, he has surprised everyone by making a unique record. A world record has been made by extracting 839 tomatoes from a single branch of tomato. Earlier, Douglas has made another record. Last year he surprised everyone by growing the world’s largest tomato.

Douglas says on this whole matter that he had sown tomato seeds in the month of March. He planted this tomato plant in the greenhouse. According to Douglas, he spent three to four hours every week under the supervision of the plant to grow tomatoes. The result of which is in front of the whole world today. Douglas holds the record for growing the most small tomatoes from a single branch.

Douglas is preparing to make even bigger records in the coming days. For this they are using many different types. Douglas is an IT manager by profession. Douglas, who worked at Stanstead Abodes, took a soil sample and studied it. Douglas says that he had grown a tomato plant from seed. While plucking tomatoes, Douglas took the help of the local police, so that he would not have any problem in making his place in the Guinness World Record.


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