This cute duck earns more than Rs 3 lakh every month, is...

This cute duck earns more than Rs 3 lakh every month, is the world’s most expensive duck

This duck is a TikTok star, earning Rs 3 lakh every month

Many videos go viral on social media every day. No one knows who will become a star in the world of internet. Apart from humans, videos of animals and birds also go viral on social media. Recently, many videos of a duck have gone viral on social media. Its videos are becoming a hit on all social media platforms. The name of this duck is Munchkin. It is popularly known as Dunkin Ducks on social media. This duck is earning more than 3 lakh rupees every month.

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This duck named Munchkin is making a lot of headlines on social media. Its owner is very fond of it. She loves her duck very much. This duck has accounts on all social media platforms. Which earns millions. According to the news of the New York Post, Chrissy Ellis has named her duck after the fast food chain Dunkin Donuts. There was only one fast food chain in Pennsylvania, whose name Chrissy Ellis liked. Taking inspiration from this, he kept his duck’s Instagram account Dunkin Ducks.

Munchkin’s mistress is very fond of pets. She always keeps making videos with her pets. Most of all, his cute duck has become famous. Because of this, Alice always posts videos of her duck having fun. Munchkin has become so famous that it has got sponsors too. In every video, he promotes the product of a particular company. Due to this, he also gets good income. Isn’t this amazing duck! How did you like our story, tell us by commenting.