This child created history by becoming the 'World's Most Premature Baby' to...

This child created history by becoming the ‘World’s Most Premature Baby’ to survive, made this record

This baby created history by becoming the ‘world’s most Premature Baby’ to survive

Many babies in the world are born prematurely. Most children do not survive as they are not fully developed. But, an American boy who was born at just 21 weeks and one day has been certified as the world’s most premature baby to survive. When she was born in Alabama last year, Curtis Means weighed just 420 grams. Guinness World Records confirmed on Wednesday that Curtis, now a healthy 16-month-old, has set a new world record, beating all odds of survival.

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The weight of the child at birth was less than half a kilogram. However, under the supervision of doctors, the child survived and is now healthy. Curtis Means was born a year ago in Birmingham, Alabama, UK. Usually the child is born in the 9th or 10th month but Curtis Means was born only in the fifth month (21 weeks). In this way, Curtis was born about 19 weeks earlier than normal children.

According to media reports, Curtis’s mother Michelle Butler gave birth to twins, but only Curtis’s life could be saved among them. In July 2020, when she was admitted to the hospital after feeling labor pains. The very next day, Michelle gave birth to the premature twins Curtis and C’Asya. But, C’Asya died a day after the birth.

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Babies born in such a short time have a less than one percent chance of survival, and Curtis was one of those lucky kids. Curtis had to stay in the ICU for several days. About 3 months later, Curtis was taken off the ventilator and discharged after spending 275 days in the hospital. However, the difficulties were not over yet.

Curtis could neither breathe through his mouth nor eat food. Doctors taught him to do both these things. Curtis is over a year old now but still needs supplemental oxygen and a feeding tube.