WorldThis boy has surpassed Einstein in intellect!

This boy has surpassed Einstein in intellect!

Own report: A British boy overtook Einstein himself. And with that came the hue and cry. Naturally.

Bristol’s Burnaby Swinburne recently beat Einstein, the greatest physicist of all time, in the ‘Mensa’ Test at Christmas. He is now also a member of the High IQ Society. Barnaby Swinburne’s score of the year in the under-17 division is 162. It is thought that Einstein’s IQ level was 160! Burnaby 2 points ahead! Which is a great honor.

More or less everyone knows about IQ test. This test tests a person’s intelligence, intelligence, and reason.

It is known that Barnaby likes to study mathematics and chemistry. He is interested in business. What is Barnaby’s dream? He wants to be a ‘programmer’. His mother, Giselein, said: “We knew he was smart and smart enough, but he wanted to test his intelligence. So he sat the test.

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