IndiaThiruvanchoor wants friendly atmosphere in party A meeting was held with...

Thiruvanchoor wants friendly atmosphere in party A meeting was held with Satheesan


  • VD Satheesan visited Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan’s house.
  • Thiruvanchoor wants a friendly atmosphere in the party.
  • Satheesan meets Oommen Chandy.

Kottayam: Opposition leader VD Satheesan met Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan at his residence during the ongoing controversy over the appointment of DCC president. Thiruvanchoor clarified that the Leader of the Opposition came home as part of seeing everyone.

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They want to bring everyone together. His position is the same. Everyone should line up behind AICC and KPCC. After the meeting with Satheesan, Thiruvanchoor clarified that there should be a friendly atmosphere in the party. Satheesan held discussions with Oommen Chandy and Thiruvanchoor on the eve of the crucial UDF meeting.

Earlier, VD Satheesan had met Oommen Chandy in Puthuppally. Speaking to media persons, VD Satheesan said that if there is any difference of opinion among the senior leaders, it will be resolved. “There will be no difficult situation for the senior leaders. The Congress is a democratic party. The issue will be resolved through negotiations. When there is a conflict, the strength of the compromise will increase.

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VD Satheesan said that there have been problems in the Congress party before. The Congress has a history of resolving issues and moving forward. His job as Leader of the Opposition is not to respond like a potato to Congress leaders. His mission is to respond to the Chief Minister and the BJP. But he added that he was not turning a blind eye to the fact that there were no problems in the Congress.

Oommen Chandy clarified that he will respond sympathetically to the discussions held with VD Satheesan. “I do not want to say old things. Discussions are the style of the Congress. The Congress is big. The Congress is first and the group is second. There are some problems in the Congress. It is painful to have difficult situations. These issues will be resolved through discussions.

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While trying to resolve the issue, a section of leaders lodged a complaint against Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala in the High Command. A group supporting KPCC president K Sudhakaran and VD Satheesan had lodged a complaint with the high command. Senior leaders Oommen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala are trying to create riots in the party. They are not trying to accept the new leadership. They complained that the intervention of the High Command was needed to deal with the situation.

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