WorldThird European Sports Festival to be held in Turkish Sanliurfa

Third European Sports Festival to be held in Turkish Sanliurfa

The third European Sports Festival, organized by the EU Info Center at the лыanlıurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ŞUTSO), will take place on July 10-14 in southeastern Turkey.

Within the framework of the festival, the main goal of which is to promote sports and solidarity, various competitions will be organized.

On the first day of the program, among others, there will be a football match in balls, and on the second day, a bicycle tour will take place along the roads of Sanliurfa.

Next on the program is a basketball tournament.

There are also scheduled competitions in shooting and gymnastics, canoeing and water skiing.

On the last day of the festival, various games, basketball and paintball competitions will be held.

Participants and guests of the festival will be provided with information about EU projects.

There will also be a mini-concert of street musicians.

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