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Thief used to steal only women’s clothes, more than 700 underwear found at home

It is difficult for any country to compete with Japan in terms of technology. Machines can do everything from food delivery to laundry in this country. Although self-serving laundry machines like Coin Laundromats can wash clothes, they cannot prevent them from being stolen. In a strange case in Japan, a man was arrested from the southern province after he stole more than 700 women’s underwear from Coin Laundromats.

730 underwear found at home
The matter came to light when the police raided his house. According to Abema TV, Tetsuo Urata, 56, was previously accused of stealing six pairs of underwear from a 21-year-old student from the Coin Laundromats machine on August 24. When the officers reached his house after registering the case with the police, they were surprised. Police found 730 women’s underwear in the man’s house. The local police have started investigation after confiscating them all.

The police were also surprised
A spokesman for the Beppu city police department told Abema TV that they had never confiscated such a large number of panties in all these years. Urta is now in police custody after admitting to stealing underwear. This is not the first case of theft of women’s underwear. Earlier in July, a man in the US was accused of breaking into a woman’s house and stealing dozens of underwear. After entering the women’s house, the 29-year-old used to steal their undergarments instead of any valuables or money.

Thief used to steal women’s clothes
According to ABC13’s report, in several thefts, the accused person stole 15 pairs of underwear, makeup and brushes, 8 bras, 12 swimsuits and other clothes in one case. The woman had told the police that the man stole her dirty clothes, including the clothes of her 6-year-old girl. Police investigation revealed that the accused used to follow the victims for several days for theft.