WorldThey spent their pocket money on 'goodness'

They spent their pocket money on ‘goodness’

20 children in Üsküdar Burhaniye District displayed an exemplary behavior by shopping for the families in need with their pocket money.

20 children aged between 5 and 10, applied to the Headman of Burhaniye District, Kadir Uğurtay, and said that they wanted to help families in need with their pocket money.

Muhtar Uğurtay, who wanted the children living in his neighborhood to gain a sense of cooperation, also did grocery shopping with the children and delivered the goods to the families in need.

The children gathered in front of the Burhaniye Neighborhood Headman and went to a market determined by the headman. The shopping of the children walking around the market with their shopping carts created colorful images.

While some were shopping for kitchens for families in need, others bought chocolate. The children lined up in front of the cash registers with their shopping vehicles and paid with the money they had saved. The children, who filled the bags they bought, took the materials bought by the headman to the families in need.

“We want to contribute to the establishment of the awareness of helping children”

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Kadir Uğurtay said that their aim is to contribute to the establishment of the awareness of cooperation among children.

Mukhtar Uğurtay said, “This is how this work came about: These children came to us and said that they wanted to help with their pocket money. We did not break them either. They saved their allowances, and with this money, they will do a grocery shopping and hand them over to families in need. Of course, we hope that these works are avalanche. We want our children, who are our future, to strengthen the sense of helping each other. We have been instrumental in this.” he said.

He shopped with the money he saved for a computer game.

8-year-old Habil Kılıç said that he and his brother shopped with the 170 liras they had saved to buy computer games, and bought sausages, cheese, flour, chocolate, rice and pasta for families in need with their money. Explaining that helping is a good feeling, Kılıç said, “May Allah help them. Let them have nicer houses, cars and better things.” said.

8-year-old Bahattin Arslan said that he spent all of the 100 liras he saved on shopping. Arslan said, “May God help them more. May he help people more. It is a good feeling to help, I am happy when I do.” he said.

8-year-old Eymen Üstün bought rice, bulgur, milk, flour, yoghurt and pasta with the 200 liras he saved. Superior called on everyone to help.

9-year-old Yusuf Uğurtay said that he decided to spend the 200 liras he had saved for charity. “Actually, I was going to make a vow for him. said.

7-year-old Ahmet Yaman Karaoğlan also bought milk, oil and rice with the 50 liras he had saved. Karaoğlan said, “It’s a good feeling to help. You help everyone. You give what they need.” he said.

8-year-old Ecrin Uzunoğlu said, “I was saving money to buy something for myself, but I spent this money on those in need because it was more important.” said.

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