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These two IPL teams are almost identical in many respects; Billings says he played on both teams

There are a lot of players who have kept the teams’ hopes alive in the current IPL season. One such player is Sam Billings of Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR has acquired Billings, who was the Chennai Super Kings star last season, in a mega auction for Rs 2 crore. Billings played well in the first four games with the team.

Billings says the two teams have a lot in common when it comes to KKR from CSK. Has already played in three franchises. The last two seasons have been at CSK. The one-time champions were once runners-up. It was one of the most enjoyed IPL seasons. Billings said CSK and KKR are professional both on and off the field and that teams have similarities in organization and consistency.

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Billings praised Brendan McCullum’s coaching style at KKR. Billings says McCullum focuses on instilling confidence and positivity in players. McCullum gives confidence to every player. That’s very important as a coach. Billings said that appreciating and supporting the players will help them to put out a full performance.

As a wicket-keeper-batsman, Billings has excelled this season. He was instrumental in the team’s victory in two games. He scored 80 runs in four matches. Billings also contributes to the team’s quick movement behind the wicket. KKR is currently at the top of the points table. The team will take on Rishabh Pant’s Delhi Capitals on April 10.

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KKR is the team that was runners-up last season. This time too, the performance of the team is promising. With the arrival of Australia’s Pat Cummins, the team became even stronger. In the last match, Cummins scored a half-century off 14 balls against the Mumbai Indians.

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