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These five players will be left out of Barcelona during the Xavi era

Legendary player Xavi Hernandez has been appointed coach of Barcelona FC. Former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi has sent a message of good luck to Xavier. He stands tall, a man who has had great success as a coach. Pep is the best football coach in the world. Although he’s happy to compare, Xavi’s request that it not be.

Under Pep Guardiola, Barcelona ruled the world of football during the reign of midfielder Xavi. The captain who led the talents from the front, including Messi, Iniesta and Busquets. Xavi is taking on a big challenge. Barcelona are a group of people who do not know how to win. What changes will Xavi make to the team? Mainly five players are unlikely to play more games for Barcelona in the Xavi era. Let’s examine why they are excluded.

Dutch strikers Luke de Jong, Clement Lenglet, Martin Breitwatt, Sergio Roberto and Philippe Coutinho may not get a big place in Xavi’s plans. Coach Ronald Koeman unexpectedly brought Luke de Jong to the team on the day of the transfer deadline. De Jong was brought to the Commonwealth team after being told he was good at flying. But I didn’t see any of that on the ground.
Frenchman Clement Lenglet has played 284 minutes for Barcelona at various championships this season.

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Clement, who has made a number of mistakes in defense, will have no place in the Catalan line-up. Denmark’s Martin Brativit arrives in Barcelona on an emergency. Usman Dembele has been ruled out of action with a hamstring injury. The Danish player could not overcome the criticism that he was not up to the standards of the Barcelona squad.

Barcelona have bought Brazilian midfielder Philippe Coutinho for 142 million. Coutinho’s main achievement was winning the Champions League while playing for Bayern Munich on loan. On his return to Barcelona, ​​injury and loss of form caught up with the Brazilian without leaving. Spanish player Sergio Roberto is a product of Barcelona’s La Masia Academy. The player who was supposed to one day be Barcelona’s midfield magician like Xavi. Roberto, who has been tested as a fullback and midfielder, now has a big responsibility for Barcelona. The player is on a final year contract. Roberto may not be able to stay on Xavi’s team.

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