WorldThere will be variants of Covid-19 that are resistant to existing vaccines

There will be variants of Covid-19 that are resistant to existing vaccines

This analysis has yet to be peer-reviewed and is only in the early stages of theory, providing no evidence that this new variant is circulating today.

According to analysis by a group called the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), because the virus is “less likely” to be eradicated, they believe variants will continue to mutate.

They suggest that a “gradual or rapid accumulation of antigenic variants that will eventually render existing vaccines ineffective” is almost certain.
Scientists recommend that authorities continue to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection as much as possible to prevent the opportunity to create a new, vaccine-resistant variant.

Covid-19 vaccination in London (UK)

They also recommend that research focus on new vaccines that not only prevent hospitalization and infection, but also “provide a high and durable level of immunity.”

The goal should be to “reduce infection and transmission from vaccinated individuals” and to “reduce the possibility of selection for variants in vaccinated individuals,” according to the above analysis.

Many companies are currently working on developing new Covid-19 vaccines to fight the recently emerged virus variants.

The scientists emphasized that the fact that several variants of the virus that causes Covid-19 have emerged in the past few months “suggesting that vaccine-induced immunity has been desensitized, although none of the variants were able to evade. exit completely”.

In addition, now that Covid-19 vaccines are more common, the ability of the virus to infect is thought to be more advantageous because it can increase the ability to escape the immune system created by the vaccine.

Previously, SAGE scientists also warned about this problem. According to the text of the meeting in early July 2021, they assessed that “the combination of high prevalence and high vaccination coverage creates conditions in which an immune escape variant is likely to emerge. presently”. And this new variant is assessed to pose a significant risk to the UK and the world.

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