India'There is no constructive debate in Parliament, some laws do not know...

‘There is no constructive debate in Parliament, some laws do not know what they are for’: Chief Justice


  • Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with criticism.
  • There is no constructive debate in Parliament.
  • It is not clear what some of the rules are for.

New Delhi: Supreme Court Chief Justice NV Ramana has said that there is no constructive debate in the Indian Parliament. Many debates tend to be truncated. Proper debates in Parliament will help the court. But he said he did not understand what some of the rules were for, while speaking at the Supreme Court’s Independence Day event.

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The Chief Justice has harshly criticized the legislation being passed without proper discussion in Parliament. Positive discussions will help the court. The current church proceedings are disappointing. But it is not clear what some of the rules are for. He added that this was due to ambiguity in the legislation.

Many vague laws directly affect not only the government but also the public. This is due to the shortage of legal experts and lawyers in Parliament. An examination of the first Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha reveals that there were many legal experts. It is noteworthy that many were intelligent beings. Many of our freedom fighters were legal experts. But the Chief Justice also asked what is the status of the current Parliament.

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In the past, there were constructive discussions in the church. There were also several discussions related to the Finance Bill. Many aspects of the law were scrutinized. Such a situation helped to make people understand the importance of legislation. Chief Justice NV Ramana said he wanted to tell lawyers to use their knowledge and wisdom for the betterment of the country and not just for legal action.

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