WorldThere is another big explosion in Kabul, the US says it has...

There is another big explosion in Kabul, the US says it has killed a suicide car bomb

The US has carried out a military strike on a vehicle carrying multiple suicide bombers that shows signs of an “imminent ISIS-K threat”.

Television station 1TV reported that one child was killed and three people were injured in the rocket explosion. Another source said that the attack left two people dead and three injured.

A Taliban spokesman also said the United States had targeted a suicide bomber on a van who wanted to attack Hamid Karzai airport on August 29.
US officials on August 27 warned of more terrorist attacks in Kabul. The US Embassy in the capital asked all US citizens to immediately leave the airport area for fear of a “specific and credible” threat.

Earlier, in retaliation for the bombing that killed 13 US soldiers, the country destroyed 2 targets of the ISIS-K group. On August 28, President Biden promised to carry out more airstrikes against this force. Biden also said there is intelligence that other terrorist attacks are likely to continue in Kabul over the next 36 hours.


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