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There are two great players on the Blasters’ radar, and it will be hard for the team to own one of them …

The Kerala Blasters, who had a stellar performance in the eighth season of the Indian Super League, finished second in the ISL. The Blasters, who were on the verge of their maiden title, were knocked out by Hyderabad in a long battle to a penalty shootout. The team that reached the final this season is aiming for the ISL title next season. They have already started preparations for it. As a first step, they have extended the contract with coach Ivan Vukomanovic until 2025. It has been reported that the Blasters have found some players who need to be included in the squad for the upcoming season.

Malayalee player on the Blasters’ radar …

According to the latest reports, Malayalee forward VP Zuhair is one of the players watched by the Blasters. The Blasters have been plagued by the absence of an Indian forward for the past few seasons. The club are looking at the 29 – year – old Zuhair as a solution.

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Zuhair’s performance

Zuhair will make his debut in the Indian Super League in the 2020-21 season. He played 19 games for North East United that season, scoring 3 goals and one assist. The player has gained more prominence on the team this past season. Zuhair has played in 19 ISL matches for the North East this season as well. He has scored 4 goals and 2 assists in as many matches. Prior to joining the ISL, he played for Gokulam Kerala FC, East Bengal FC and Mohan Bagan.

It will be hard to own Zuhair

At the same time he wants to bring Zuhair to the team but there are indications that it will not be easy for the Blasters. Zuhair, who has been linked with a move to North East United since the 2020-21 season, has been linked with a two-year deal with the club. It remains to be seen whether the Blasters will be willing to pay a hefty transfer fee to acquire Zuhair.

Indian defender on the Blasters’ radar

It has been reported that an Indian defender is also on the Blasters’ radar. Indications are that he is a player in the national team. This is believed to be ATK Mohan Bagan star Pritam Kotal.

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Asan will continue

The Blasters have signed a new contract with Serbian coach Ivan Vukomanovic, who led the Kerala Blasters to the final of the 2021-22 season ISL. The Blasters have renewed their three-year contract with Ivan, who joined the Blasters in 2021 on a one-year deal. According to this, Ivan will be with the Yellow Army until 2025.

Two players have renewed their contracts

Indications are that two foreign players who played for the Blasters last season have signed new contracts with the club. It has been reported that the club have reached an agreement with Uruguayan Adrian Luna, who has a contract with the club from 2022-23, to extend his contract until 2025, and to extend his contract with Croatian striker Marco Leskovic. Fans are waiting for the club’s official announcement in this regard.

Asan of Blasters fans

The young Indian players will be very important in the team in the coming season as well