WorldThere are still 3 countries that have not received a dose of...

There are still 3 countries that have not received a dose of Covid-19 vaccine yet

Currently, a total of more than 6 billion doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered globally, of which high-income countries have given an average of 124 doses per 100 people, compared with only 4 doses per 100 people in low-income countries. low input.
In terms of volume, nearly 2.18 billion doses of the vaccine, or 40% globally, have been administered in China, followed by India (826.5 million doses) and the United States (386.8 million doses).
In terms of per capita rate, among countries with a population of over 1 million, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads with 198 injections per 100 people, with more than 81% of the population having received 2 injections. Uruguay ranked second with 175 noses per 100 people, followed by Israel (171), Cuba (163), Qatar (162) and Portugal (154).

The US started injecting a booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine from September

Meanwhile, the number of Covid-19 cases globally continues to decrease. The total number of global Covid-19 infections is now more than 232 million infections and more than 4.7 million deaths.
This was also the first decrease in more than two months, with the number of new infections falling in almost all regions, with the Middle East down 22% and Southeast Asia down 16%.
In the week from September 13 to 19, the number of deaths was recorded below 60,000, down 7% from the previous week, of which Southeast Asia decreased by 30% and the Western Pacific region decreased by 7%.
Countries that have recorded more Covid-19 infections include the US, India, UK, Turkey and the Philippines. According to WHO, the Delta variant has appeared in 185 countries in all regions.

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