IndiaThe young man jumped into the lake for fear of the bees...

The young man jumped into the lake for fear of the bees and was attacked and killed by the piranhas

Brasilia: The tragic news of death is coming out of Brazil. According to foreign media reports, a young man who jumped into a lake for fear of bees died in an attack by a piranha. Authorities said they would conduct a detailed investigation into the circumstances surrounding the young man’s death. Though there are reports that the police have registered a case and started an investigation, no confirmation has been received.

The incident took place last Sunday

A young man from Landia de Minas, Brazil, was killed when he went fishing with friends in a lake in the Minas Gerais area. A 30-year-old man fell into a lake while trying to escape from the area after being attacked by a swarm of bees in a group of three. It was too late to find the young man falling into the lake as his companions fled from here. The friends reportedly told the young man that he had escaped the bee attack on the assumption that the young man was with him.

Death in piranha attack?

Preliminary reports say a young man fell into a lake and was killed by a piranha. On Sunday, October 31, the body of a young man was found by firefighters in a lake, Correo Brazilians reported. The young man has serious injuries on his face and body. It is not clear whether the young man died or was attacked by a piranha while swimming away from the bees. Local media reported that an investigation was underway into the matter. News Beaser reported that there were deep chambers in many parts of the young man’s face.

Different views on the death of a young man

The young man was reportedly killed in a piranha attack, but authorities have not confirmed this. The explanation of the fire brigade that found the young man’s body is questionable. The fire brigade suspected that the young man was lying dead. According to Portal O Tempo, the young man suffered serious head injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities have decided to investigate whether there are any such fish in the lake as the allegation that the young man died in an attack by a piranha is strong.

The young man’s body was left behind

Different opinions are rising on the death of the young man. Lt. Toletino, commander of the fire brigade, said evidence similar to the drowning was found when the body was found. However, the police have not yet made any confirmation in this regard. Despite the confusion over the death, preliminary procedures were completed and the body was left for burial. There are reportedly about 30 species of piranhas in the Amazon basin in South America.