WorldThe world's smallest gun can also take life, weighing only 19.8 grams...

The world’s smallest gun can also take life, weighing only 19.8 grams and costing 5 lakh rupees

A bullet fired from a gun can kill anyone. This weapon is as dangerous as it is expensive. The price of the world’s highest gun is also in lakhs. The revolver weighs just 19.8 grams and is small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. But its not small and you have to spend 5 lakh rupees to buy it. The surprising thing about the revolver is not only its price but many more things.

The name of this gun is C1ST and it is made of stainless steel. The creator of the revolver said that it is very difficult for this small gun to kill anyone because its power is less than 1 joule. If someone is to be killed, he has to strike the weakest part of his skull from close range with a bullet very small according to the size of the gun. He said that yes, a gun can kill someone but it depends on how close the attack is.
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Names included in Guinness World Records
According to reports, the world’s smallest revolver ‘Swiss Mini Gun’ works like other guns and can fire. Its name is included in the Guinness World Record for being the smallest revolver. The 5.5 cm long and 1 cm wide gun weighs just 19.8 grams. Countries such as the US and UK have banned its import because of its small size as it can be easily hidden between clothing and accessories.

Gold version is made on special demand
The manufacturing of the C1ST stainless steel model uses the same technology that is used in the manufacture of Swiss watches and jewellery. This small gun also comes with a stylish leather holder. The gun can hold 24 bullets and can be hung from the belt with the help of a key chain. Because of these features, the cost of the gun is more than five lakhs. The Gold variant of the gun is also available which is customized to the specific customer requirements.