The world's most unique samosawala, seeing the style of selling it, you...

The world’s most unique samosawala, seeing the style of selling it, you will also say – give a plate of samosas!

Unique is the style of this samosawala.

Many times we get to see such videos on the Internet, seeing which we start laughing, sometimes we are surprised. Ever since social media has become active, many funny videos are found, which make us tickle. In India, street videos are very viral (Viral Videos on Social Media). Even today a similar video has gone viral. This video is of a samosa seller, who is seen selling samosas in a completely different way. Seeing the video of this samosa, you will also laugh.

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The person you are watching in this video sells samosas. This person is seen selling samosas in a very different style. The way of selling samosas is completely different. In the video while selling, he is making a sound in a unique way. He is saying- ‘Take samosas, take galma-galam samosas, potato samosas, motu-patlu samosas, Paliwal bhaiya came with samosas.’ The marketing skills of this person are very different from other people.

People are very much liking its style on social media. People are very fond of his videos. The video of this person has been shared from the Instagram page named giedde. Seeing its video, people are praising its skill. People will definitely eat samosa even if they do not want to. There is no idea about when and where the video is from.


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