The woman had bought chicken from KFC, the chicken's skull came out...

The woman had bought chicken from KFC, the chicken’s skull came out as soon as she opened the packet

Many people got furious after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

Many people in the world are fond of food. Whenever such people get a chance to eat something, they do not lose it at all. Most of us also go to some nearby outlet and eat fast food thing like burger. By the way, these food outlets keep making all the claims of cleanliness in their place. But their reality comes in front of some people. These days, such an incident happened with a woman in a food outlet, listening to which you will also think a hundred times before eating something next time.

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Now, like this, many people like to eat chicken. But when it comes to the most delicious chicken, then the name of KFC comes on everyone’s tongue. A woman in the UK told that when she was carrying a chicken takeout order from KFC, the whole chicken head came out of her. Seeing this, the woman’s senses were blown away. After this, whoever saw this sight was astonished. Then this matter was also covered on social media.

Someone shared this incident on social media too. Its photo was shared on the Instagram page named Takeaway Trauma and on the Twitter page. In which it was told that Gibberell is the woman who found the head of chicken in his hot wing meal. As soon as this issue was covered on social media, people erupted on KFC. One user has even said that I do not know what you would be feeding people.

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Seeing this matter gaining momentum, KFC kept its point on this issue. He writes that as soon as he saw this, he too was shocked. After this, he also invited the woman to come with her family to the restaurants. The company told the woman about meeting her team. Not only this, she also said that she can come and see her kitchen well.