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The winners of the Istanbul Photo Awards 2021 spoke about the importance of the competition

The winner of the 7th Istanbul Photo Awards 2021 international photography competition in the News Series category, Italian photojournalist Fabio Bucciarelli said that his participation in the competition helped him become more famous.

Anadolu Agency continues to organize the Istanbul Photo Awards, despite all the difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The competition allows to draw attention to the events of the world agenda with the help of photographs.

The laureate of the Bucciarelli competition, in an interview with the Anadolu agency, noted that through photographs taken in Italy in early 2020, he tried to show how the deadly virus affects the daily life of people.

“I gave special access to Red Cross employees who could not visit patients with coronavirus in any way. The photo about the suffering the coronavirus brings to families was heartbreaking but sincere, ”he said.

Bucciarelli said that he visited hospitals overcrowded with COVID-19 patients, talked with families who have lost their relatives, attended ceremonies where only the closest relatives could be.

According to Bucciarelli, he sympathized with all the people whose photographs he took, as he respects the rights of people.

“I have always paid the main attention to conveying emotions and creating an iconography that is harmonious with them,” the photojournalist emphasized.

Pointing to the importance of independent journalism, in particular in the issue of photo and video content, Bucciarelli noted that if there were no photographs of military press photographers, much about the conflicts in Syria or Libya would remain unknown.

“Participation in the Istanbul Photo Awards gives you additional opportunities, you become more famous, you get more subscribers,” he said.

Photojournalist of Sabah newspaper Ugur Yildirim took second place in the “Series of Photos” category for pictures taken during the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Karabakh.

Yildirim said that he respected the stories of all victims of the conflict in Azerbaijan.

“I wanted to show the devastating effect of war against the backdrop of civilian deaths,” he said.

Getty Images photographer Chris McGrath, winner of the third place in the same category, spoke about the photographs he took during the explosion in the port of Beirut.

“I was especially struck by the story of 10 firefighters from Detachment 5, who were the first to react to the fire. They all died, ”he said.

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