SportsThe wind turns the Augusta Masters into a nightmare

The wind turns the Augusta Masters into a nightmare

Cheating day at the Augusta Masters. The sun disguised a bad enemy, a wind that whipped the players, played with the flight of the ball and fattened the cards. Nobody escaped a gale that tensed the flags as if they were sails on the high seas. The pieces were falling. Sungjae Im, Dustin Johnson, Cameron Smith… bogeys (or worse) jumped one after another in the ranking. The Masters turned into a nightmare under those gusts of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

From the mud to the wind. Jon Rahm started the day this Friday in the middle of the pack, two over par after an initial round in which the mud smeared his ball on four holes (5, 8, 10 and 11) and subjected it to damned effects on the air. He had to row and row so as not to lose sight of the leaders, and the Basque got out of bed with his work overalls on. Two birdies in a row in the first holes changed the dynamics and the expression on his face. He was then at peace with the field. He wiped the slate clean in search of the sensations that he had not found in his debut. The obligatory recovery path that he had to travel on Thursday now became a handful of occasions to discount blows and approach the red numbers. In number three and number four, two putts from birdies They didn’t fall for a little finger. And then the real curves began.

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landing on the bunker on the fifth hole marked the beginning of a rocky path. Rahm spent one stroke returning the ball to the fairway and another putt failed by a tab loaded him with the first bogey of the day The Basque was closer to that version of the player who dominates all clubs, but Augusta was up for no jokes. very windy and greens hard. The sunny picture was an illusion and any mistake was severely punished.

In the biggest troubles you also see that huge golfer that is Rahm. That ball fell into the pinnace of the seventh hole gave way to an approach below the green that left the ball very close to the flag to the acknowledgment of Augusta. Another visit to the bunker in the eight followed. The birdie options were fading as the round progressed and the wind looked more muscular. More than one had to stop when hitting because in those conditions it was like playing Russian roulette.

The trees allied themselves with Rahm. Twice. In the 11th his ball bounced off the branches and he returned to the street when it seemed that Augusta swallowed it. Same in 13. In between a bogey at 12, heart of Amen Corner, after a short take out of the bunker. Each hole was already a fight for survival. And in battle, Rahm is a hell of a competitor. Far from settling, with his sights set on cutting positions, the world number two gritted his teeth. Taking some risk was worth it. The 14th hole that had given him a joy on Thursday once again deducted a birdies, and in the next step he confirmed that in the par fives he has not found the key: of eight played in the two rounds only in one, the second hole this Friday, he has signed four strokes. The rest, even or worse. And to finish, another hit on the 18th: bad swing out and wrong putt arrival, for the pair on the day, +2 in total, then five behind leaders Schwartzel and Im (-3).

“That’s what pisses me off, that everything I’ve fought for ends this way,” Rahm explained. “I have not been comfortable from the tee, especially with the drive. Still, I see myself in the fight. A good round this Saturday and I’m in there,” he added.

Sergio García remains in the same fight, who traveled from less to more to continue in the trench. El Niño touched the glory when in 2017 he won his first major, the Augusta Masters. However, since he donned the green jacket he hasn’t raised his head in the tournament. He missed the cut in 2018, 2019 and 2021 (he did not play in 2020 when testing positive for covid), and this Friday he was saved with two birdies end of a new stumble: +2 in total. He recovered like this from a triple bogey at 11 by sending his ball into the water. Since he conquered the Masters, the man from Castellón has not managed to complete a round under the pair of Augusta.

Sangria knows no names. Sungjae Im, the first leader, signed two shots over par. Dustin Johnson, one up. And Tiger Woods, who on his return to an official round of golf after 508 days had once again surprised the world with a return of -1, began the second round engulfed by the whirlwind of Augusta: four bogeys in the first five holes, his harvest from the previous day spoiled and the cut in danger. A hurricane passed through the Masters.

Augusta Masters standings.

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