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The waters in the Arapapıştı Canyon in Aydın withdrew due to the drought.

While the occupancy rate in Kemer Dam decreased to 20 percent due to the drought in the region, the water in the river in the Arapapıştı Canyon, known for its natural beauty, also receded. ( Ferdi Uzun – Anadolu Agency )

It is used for irrigation and energy production in Bozdoğan district. Kemer Damcontributes to the irrigation of approximately 250 thousand decares of land in the region.

While the occupancy rate of the dam was 58 percent last year, it decreased to 20 percent this year due to insufficient rainfall and drought.

The 380-meter-high, 6-kilometer-long Arapapıştı Canyon, located on the Kemer Dam and extending to Muğla and Denizli, also suffered from drought.

Those who came to the region from outside the city to see the enchanting beauty of the canyon were also surprised when they saw that the water had receded.

“Nothing left but mud”

One of the visitors, Melis Erkan, told AA correspondent that she came from Bodrum to see the canyon and said, “We’ve seen photos of this place full of water, we’ve come a long way. We came just for this place, but unfortunately, the waters were gone. We came in vain, but we took pictures anyway. The drought affected it badly. ” said.

Oktay Devekesen, who came from Izmir, said that he was very surprised to see the canyon in this state.

Stating that he had visited the region before, Devekesen said, “We will take pictures in an arid canyon. I did not think it would be this dry.” he said.

Muhammet Ertuğrul Taşlı, on the other hand, stated that he encountered mud and said, “When I was studying abroad, I was showing photos to my friends saying ‘we have such beautiful places’. used the phrases.

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