WorldThe war in Afghanistan through the numbers of casualties

The war in Afghanistan through the numbers of casualties

The following is the war in Afghanistan through numbers collected by Harvard University and Brown University.
Number of casualties in Afghanistan: 2,448 US troops, 3,846 US contractors, 66,000 Afghan government troops and police, 1,144 allied troops from NATO and many other countries, 47,245 Afghan civilians, 51,191 Taliban fighters and other opposition forces, 444 rescue workers, 72 journalists.

Who is the Taliban and why does it want to take over the government of Afghanistan?

How is Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of US presence here?

The infant mortality rate has dropped to about 50% since the US, Afghanistan and other allied forces overthrew the Taliban government. 37% of Afghan girls are literate.

Where did America use the money to spend on the war?

During the Korean War, President Harry Truman temporarily raised taxes to 92% to pay for the war.
President Lyndon Johnson temporarily raised taxes to 77% to pay for the war in Vietnam.
President George W. Bush again cut taxes at least 8% for the richest, not raised them, at the outset of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is estimated that the amount of money that the US has borrowed as direct costs for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as of 2020 is $ 2 trillion. Interest expense is estimated to reach 6.5 trillion USD by 2050.

The war may be over, but the costs won’t go away.

Estimates of the amount the United States has committed to cover health care, disability, burial and other costs for about 4 million veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq: more than $2 trillion. And the period when these expenditures peak will be after 2048.

Taliban declare war over, take over Afghanistan’s president


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