SportsThe Vietnamese team appeared very uncomfortable kicking players, not inferior to HAGL...

The Vietnamese team appeared very uncomfortable kicking players, not inferior to HAGL stars

The Vietnamese team marched to Australia in the absence of a series of pillars on the offensive line such as Van Toan and Tien Linh because of the influence of the Covid-19 epidemic. This is a great loss for the red shirt team, but on the other hand, it is also a necessary condition for Mr. Park to boldly make changes, experiment and be a good opportunity for new faces to assert themselves. self.

Currently, Australia has dropped to 3rd place in Group B (after Saudi Arabia and Japan respectively). The team from the land of kangaroos will decide not to stumble before an opponent that can be said to be the weakest in the table like Vietnam, especially when they are still playing at home. Therefore, the Australian team may actively pressurize and control the game to find the fastest scoring opportunity.

Coach Park Hang-seo is likely to arrange a tight defensive rock formation and wait for quick counterattacks. To meet this, the midfield needs to arrange many people and especially in which, factors with high speed and mutation must be present. In this case, To Van Vu can provide a quality solution for the Korean coach.

In the V-League, To Van Vu is a player who often has high mutations


It can be said that To Van Vu is a new but old factor in the Vietnamese team. The midfielder of Binh Duong Club has several times called to focus on the national team but did not stay on the official list. Professionally, no one can blame To Van Vu. In the V-League arena, he is considered a player with a very “uncomfortable” kick, especially in situations of touch-ups. Midfielder born in 1993 has good speed, very skillful. He often creates dangerous situations from the right wing when he is not afraid to break through and even launch unexpected shots.

In the match against Australia in the first leg, coach Park Hang-seo arranged a 5-4-1 formation, prioritizing defense. In this squad, To Van Vu can be very suitable to play in the position of right winger. The pillar of Binh Duong Club is very active, he can support the defense well. In particular, he will also be a useful drill when the Vietnamese team deploys the ball to attack or counterattack quickly.

Previously, Coach Park Hang-seo often gave Van Toan an opportunity when the Vietnamese team wanted to improve their attack power. Possessing a remarkable acceleration, HAGL’s striker will increase the pressure on the opponent’s defense with his harassing phase. But without Van Toan, To Van Vu will be the choice worth waiting for. The 29-year-old midfielder is not inferior to striker HAGL in his ability to harass and create mutant balls to bring advantage to the Vietnamese team.