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The US lacks a Covid-19 test kit as the number of infections increases before the opening day

As millions of American children prepare to return to school, the number of Covid-19 cases is alarmingly high and Covid-19 test kits are increasingly in short supply. Reopening schools and offices will require millions of tests, according to federal officials.
In the previous months, when the number of Covid-19 infections in the US dropped sharply, the number of tests dropped by 90%. As a result, test kit manufacturers have scaled down production of Covid-19 rapid test kits as well as test kits that are sent to laboratories for analysis.

A student kisses his mother on the first day of school before entering Benbrook Elementary School in Houston (Texas, USA), August 23.

That was before the Delta variant appeared. Now, as this variant pushes the number of new US cases above 100,000 per day, test kit manufacturers are trying to speed up production again. However, Abbott and Becton Dickinson have warned that there are likely to be supply constraints in the near term.


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