WorldThe US delegation discussed the crisis in Tunisia

The US delegation discussed the crisis in Tunisia

Tunisian President Kais Said received an official US delegation led by US Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Jonathan Feiner.

The press service of the Tunisian presidential administration reported on Facebook.

The American delegation handed Said a letter from US President Joe Biden, the contents of which were not disclosed.

The Tunisian President called his decisions of July 25 to change the government and freeze the work of the country’s parliament as grounded.

According to him, “thanks to exceptional measures” the demands of the majority of the population were fulfilled in accordance with the constitution. Efforts are aimed at combating corruption and bribery, as well as eliminating the political, economic and social crises in the country, Said said.

“There is no need to worry about the values ​​of freedom, justice and democracy that Tunisia shares with American society,” the head of state said.

Feiner, for his part, stressed that the US President is closely monitoring the situation in Tunisia and respects the people and leadership of the African country.

President Qais Said previously announced the suspension of parliamentary activities for 30 days and the resignation of Prime Minister Hisham Mashishi.

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