WorldThe Urine Revolution: Will human urine save the endangered world?

The Urine Revolution: Will human urine save the endangered world?

Own report: Is it possible to use human urine as fertilizer? According to a top study in France, the importance of urine to save agriculture is unmatched! The French study says that human urine has the ability to nourish plants. As a result, the use of artificial fertilizers can be reduced. When human urine is converted into fertilizer, it acts as an organic fertilizer. On the other hand, chemical fertilizers used in agricultural production prevent environmental pollution.

The essential nutrients of plants are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. They reach our stomach through food and pass out of our body through our urine.

Research on food systems and human waste management has shown that factory-made fertilizers are derived from synthetic nitrogen. This fertilizer is used in agriculture. But rivers and other waters are polluted due to their excessive use for a long time. The lives of animals are also endangered.

If it is released in the urine?

It could pave the way for an alternative. However, the question remains as to how much human urine can be used in agriculture. Scientists believe that human urine can be used for agriculture.

Incidentally, according to one statistic, about 10,000 special types of toilets have been installed in different houses in Sweden where urine can be stored separately.

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