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The University of Dakar is working to strengthen its cooperation with Turkish universities

AA / Dakar / Alioune Ndiaye

The Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (Ucad) has announced its desire to strengthen cooperation with Ankara in higher education and research, we learned from an official statement.

A delegation from UCAD stayed in Turkey for this purpose from September 25 to October 3.

“The delegation was able to visit several Turkish universities, but also the Turkish Aerospace, a company specializing in the manufacture of armaments, satellites, drones (…) The working sessions focused mainly on avenues of collaboration between UCAD and Turkish universities, ”the UCAD statement said.

According to the document reviewed by the Anadolu Agency, it was selected a cooperation project with Turkish Aerospace and a MOU (memorandum of understanding) project with each of the universities of Ankara and Tokat.

“The University of Karabük has, moreover, expressed the wish to be accompanied by the Fmpos (faculty of medicine, pharmacy and odontology) of the UCAD”, the statement said, also announcing a stay of Turkish universities in Senegal in February 2022.

The stay in Turkey is part of the consolidation of existing conventions and especially the expansion of UCAD’s field of cooperation, mainly focused on the mobility of its staff and students and co-diploma.

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