WorldThe United States took an unseemly position on the F-35

The United States took an unseemly position on the F-35

The United States took an unseemly position on the transfer of fifth-generation F-35 fighters to Turkey. This was stated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, answering questions from journalists in the new building of the “Turkish House” (Türkevi) in New York.

“Turkey is acting honestly on this issue, our position is honest, but, unfortunately, the United States has not acted and is not acting honestly,” the Turkish leader said, in particular.

According to him, the refusal of the United States to transfer the F-35 to Turkey, using the S-400 problem as an excuse, is wrong neither from the point of view of diplomacy, nor from the point of view of interstate relations.

The head of state stressed that Ankara strives to ensure that “Turkey and the United States, as two NATO countries, treat each other friendly, not hostile.”

At the same time, he noted with regret that, unlike previous administrations, the current administration of the White House is far from a constructive position in relations with Ankara. “I worked well with Bush Jr., with Mr. Obama, with Mr. Trump, but I cannot say that we started well with Mr. Biden,” President Erdogan said.

In particular, he criticized the transfer of weapons by the US authorities to terrorist organizations that pose a threat to Turkey’s national security. “Biden began supplying weapons, ammunition and equipment to terrorist organizations. We are not going to look at this indifferently, ”the Turkish leader warned.

President Erdogan also touched upon the events in Afghanistan. He pointed out that the difficult situation that has developed in this country is to a large extent a consequence of the actions of the United States. “If you look at the weapons currently in the hands of the Taliban, these weapons are US weapons. Therefore, they will have to pay a price for this, ”the Turkish head of state said.

Commenting on the prospects for the process of resolving the political crisis in Afghanistan, Erdogan noted that “looking at the current approach of the Taliban, one can regretfully state that a comprehensive and all-encompassing administration in Afghanistan has not been formed.”

President Erdogan also rejected allegations of the “Kurdish problem” in Turkey. “There is no Kurdish problem in Turkey. We have already solved this problem, we have overcome it, we have finished with it, ”he stressed.

The head of state also touched upon Turkey’s efforts in the fight against global climate change. According to him, Ankara will voice its position on this issue in its message to the participants of the International Conference on Climate, which will be held in November in Glasgow, Scotland.

President Erdogan also expressed his attitude to the upcoming parliamentary elections in Germany, which will be held in September. The head of the Turkish state expressed the hope that a government will come to power in Germany, whose activities will benefit both the Turks living in the country and bilateral relations between Ankara and Berlin.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in the United States to attend the 76th session of the UN General Assembly.

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