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The UN announced the presence of convincing evidence of expulsion of migrants by Greece

The UN is receiving strong evidence of Greece’s wrongdoing against migrants, including sending boats into Turkish territorial waters.

The press secretary of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Martha Hurtado announced this at the office of the United Nations in Geneva.

Answering the question of the correspondent of “Anadolu” agency about the silence of the OHCHR on the issue of expulsion of migrants from the EU countries, including Greece, Hurtado noted that such incidents are unacceptable.

“Every person, every migrant trying to cross international borders has the right to an individual approach. We are currently negotiating with the EU on this issue. OHCHR is actively working in this direction, ”Hurtado said.

A spokeswoman said the organization was extremely concerned about the situation of migrants and refugees in Libya.

Hurtado called on the Libyan authorities to release the arbitrarily detained migrants and refugees.

“In recent days (in Libya) there has been a marked increase in the number of intensive security operations and raids targeting migrants and asylum seekers. This led to deaths and serious injuries, ”said Hurtado.

The UN representative called on the Libyan authorities to conduct an urgent, comprehensive, independent and impartial investigation based on the reports received.

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