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The trio of ‘Britain-America, Australia’ made a great game on China, what will Modi do in the quad now?

In 2007, the then Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe suggested the formation of a group of ‘Quad’ countries in order to rein in the growing stigma of the Chinese dragon in Asia. The Japanese Prime Minister said that Australia, America, Japan and India should be included in this quad alliance. At that time, other countries of the world did not give much consideration to the proposal of Shinzo Abe to form this ‘Asian NATO’. The only reason for this was that China was not as much of a threat in 2007 as it is today. After increasing China’s aggression, it was agreed to pursue the Quad, but now the justification of the Japanese ‘alliance’ has been threatened by the US-made ‘Ocus’ military alliance.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived in America to participate in the Quad Summit. In this important meeting, it will be that what will be the role of the Quad among the Ocus military alliance and how it will deal with China’s stigma. The Ocus alliance that the US has created but ironically has not included India and Japan, which are the most victims of Chinese bigotry. In fact, in 2007, China did not have the kind of aggressive behavior or global ambitions as it is now.
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The main reason for the Quad ends with the announcement of the Ocus.
However, at that time, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was clear about why all the four countries should be united. The only goal of this quad group was to give a befitting reply to China’s challenge. The agenda of the Quod was not climate change or becoming a good vaccine-givers. For this reason, China used to call it ‘Asian NATO’, but last week’s announcement of the Ocus ended the main reason for the Quod. Among the things to be discussed now between PM Modi, Biden, Japanese PM Suga and Australian PM Scott Morrison are climate change, emerging technology, vaccine development and public health.

The leaders of the four major democratic countries of the Indo-Pacific region will now discuss these issues. Shinzo Abe, while conceptualizing the quad, did not even imagine it. If you look, these are important topics but they are not going to rein in China. According to experts, China can be cracked down only when it realizes that it will have to pay a heavy price if it adopts confrontation. This was the purpose of the Quad to do this, but this organization is now in agony. Meanwhile, the work that Quad had to do against China, is now doing exactly the same work.
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America, Australia, Britain have a clear signal to China
The US is providing nuclear submarines and killer missiles to Australia for confrontation with China. Not only this, the British Navy is now going to make Australia its base. Britain’s nuclear-armed submarines will be present in Australia. All this is being done to rein in China. It has sent a clear and clear message to Beijing. It has told China that if it shows arrogance against small countries like Vietnam and the Philippines in the South China Sea or blows up its bomber, it will now get a befitting reply. It would be like someone bringing a pistol to fight a machine gun.

India will have to put an end to military alliance
America has a military agreement with Japan and if China attacks, America is forced to help it, but what about India, which has opposed any kind of military alliance with America or other countries of Quad. Whether there has been any government in India, India has been following the policy of non-alignment. The good thing is that now America, Japan, Australia have also joined India’s Malabar Naval Exercise. Although in reality, if China attacks, then America, Japan, Australia will come with India, it is not necessary. Experts say that if the Quad has to move forward and compete with China, then all the four countries, especially India, will have to end the hesitation with military cooperation.
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America said no to Japan, India on the Ocus
US President’s Office White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that the Ocus’ announcement last week was not merely symbolic. He said that I think President Joe Biden has also given the same message to French President Emmanuel Macron that no other country will be included in the coalition for the security of the Indo-Pacific. Saki was asked whether India or Japan would be included in this alliance, to which he replied. The US, Britain and Australia on September 15 announced a new trilateral security alliance ‘Ocus’ for the strategically important region amid China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific.