The tiger did a tremendous attack on the other tiger, slammed each...

The tiger did a tremendous attack on the other tiger, slammed each other a lot, then you will be shocked to see the video of what happened

The tiger did a tremendous attack on the second tiger

Although you must have seen a lot of tigers in the National Park, but very few people get to see the fight between two tigers, a similar sight was seen in Seoni’s Priyadarshan Pench National Park. The video of a fight between two tigers in the Pench Tiger Reserve of Seoni district is going viral on social media. Actually, during the safari, the tourists got to see the fight of two tigers on the road inside the Pench Tiger Reserve. During the fight, the tourists were also scared by the roar of the tigers.

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In this video going viral, you can see that two tigers are standing face to face. Both are looking at each other very angry. In a few moments you will see that both are looking for an opportunity to attack each other. Suddenly both pounce on each other and start thrashing each other badly. Seeing this horrifying scene of the fight of two tigers, anyone will get goosebumps. This phase of fighting goes on for a long time. There itself. At some distance you can see that the cars of the tourists who went for safari are also seen standing there. This video of this very dreadful scene was captured by the tourists in their cameras.

Tourists were thrilled to see this fight of tigers and the video of tiger fight was captured by them in their camera which is now becoming fiercely viral in social media. People are watching this video very excitedly. Let us inform that in the Pench Tiger Reserve, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, there is a crowd of tourists coming from abroad including the country. Tourists often get to see tigers in the Pench Tiger Reserve.

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