The thief sprayed on the CCTV installed in the shop, then absconded...

The thief sprayed on the CCTV installed in the shop, then absconded with goods worth 8 crores

Many people were surprised after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

Every thief in the world keeps trying new tricks to steal. Sometimes the thief cleans his hands so cleanly that even the police gets confused. These days some thieves have put such a mind to steal, seeing that anyone will be forced to press their fingers under their teeth. In fact, in Tamil Nadu only recently, thieves took away jewelery worth more than Rs 8 crore. But the way the thieves stole, now it is being discussed all around.

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According to a report, thieves entered the shop by drilling a hole in the back of the building at the Jose Alukkas showroom in Vellore. From where thieves stole many precious jewellery. Now the CCTV footage of this theft has come to the fore. In which the thief can be seen wearing an animal mask. Not only this, even the thieves sprayed the CCTV cameras. The gang spray painted all the CCTV cameras in the store. He did this so that no one could get any information related to him.

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The theft came to light when the employees opened the shutter in the morning. Police officials say that at present, efforts are being made to nab the accused involved in this theft. Police claims that they will arrest the accused soon. Four special teams are engaged in the investigation to catch these vicious thieves. After watching the video of this theft, many people were surprised. That’s why this news remains the reason for the interest of the people. This is the reason why this theft is making headlines across the country.