WorldThe target in Kayseri, which is in the blue category in vaccination,...

The target in Kayseri, which is in the blue category in vaccination, is to reach 260 thousand unvaccinated people.

Speaking to AA correspondent, Benli said that the rate of first-dose vaccination for people over the age of 18 has reached 77 percent at the moment, and they want to increase it to above 85 percent quickly.

Explaining that the rate of those who have had the second dose in the city is around 50 percent, and that they aim to reach 100 percent, Benli noted that there are approximately 50 thousand people who have not had the second dose although 42 days have passed after the first dose of vaccine.

“We have around 260,000 people who have never been vaccinated. These numbers are alarming, they scare us.” Benli said:

“When we analyze the number of cases, the number of inpatients and patients in intensive care, we see the effect of the vaccine. 23 percent of those who have never been vaccinated correspond to 60 percent of our case numbers. The vaccine prevents being positive, but not 100 percent. It is a fact that intensive 91 percent of the patients hospitalized in our care are unvaccinated. 4 percent of them are vaccinated with a single dose. Being vaccinated prevents hospitalization in the intensive care unit at a high rate. We definitely need to get two doses of the vaccine. Another analysis we have done shows that the vast majority of those who are vaccinated in hospital are vaccinated with two doses of Sinovac. “Then, both our data show and our scientists say that two doses of Sinovac vaccine is insufficient, and that a third dose of vaccine must be given. We will overcome these days with both precaution and vaccine.”

“We are experiencing our fourth wave of the pandemic”

Stating that the expatriates who come to the city to spend their annual leave are on their way back, and therefore there is a movement to leave, Benli pointed out that the programs held in weddings and indoor environments carry great risks.

Benli said:

“We are experiencing our fourth wave in the pandemic. And we are living intensely. We must pay more attention to the precautions. We should definitely not put the mask issue in the background. We should not be without masks in public areas, especially in closed areas. We are above the critical level in the number of cases. It is in our hands to reverse this. It is up to us to take individual precautions.” “By paying attention we can reverse this. We can reduce mobility.”

“People who teach science need to believe in science”

Reminding that schools will open face-to-face education at all levels on September 6, Benli stated that they want to ensure that teachers who teach in public areas are vaccinated as soon as possible, rather than looking at their PCRs.

Drawing attention to the importance of vaccination in order for face-to-face education to continue in schools, Benli said, “People who teach science need to believe in science. I can’t think of them not being vaccinated, but unfortunately we have a section of teachers who don’t want to be vaccinated. We want to vaccinate them quickly.” said.

Benli stated that the vaccine is made with an appointment in public and private hospitals, and that vaccination appointments can be made on the same day, while vaccination is done without an appointment in tents and family health centers set up in various parts of the city.

Emphasizing that the hospital load is increasing now, Benli said, “This shows that the work is going to a critical point. Please pay attention to the measures in Kayseri. After the vaccine, people have an approach as if the vaccine protects them completely. When the vaccinated people go to a place, they start to take off the mask. The vaccine is 100% protected. “You may be wearing a steel vest, you may be wearing a protective shield, but there is no need to jump in front of the bullet. It is worth paying attention to this.” used the phrases.

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