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The Taliban: ‘Keeping women down’ is one of the Taliban’s policies! Learn the history of the rise of militant groups

Own report: The Taliban have been on the rise since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban have been occupying one city after another in Afghanistan since the withdrawal of US troops began. Finally, on Sunday, the Islamic militant group sat in the Afghan masnad. Let’s take a look at Taliban history and their ideology.

Taliban history

In Pashto, Taliban means students who are educated in strict Islamic teachings. The group was born in 1994 in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. The group became known to the public through a civil war for control of the country after the Soviet Union withdrew its power and later the fall of the government. The group was primarily attracted to “Mujahideen” members who resisted Soviet forces in the 1980s with US support.

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Then, just two years later, the Taliban took control of most of the country, declaring the Islamic Empire in 1996 with a strict interpretation of Islamic law. Other Mujahideen groups within the country gradually retreated. The influence of the Deobandi judiciary on the Taliban is widespread. Initially, the Taliban announced that foreign rule in Islamic areas must end. There is a need to apply Sharia law. That is their goal. And the Islamic State.

Zahir Shah, once a pro-Russian modernist, saw Afghanistan as a medieval Taliban regime in the 1990s. Following the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States by Al Qaeda, US-backed NATO forces launched airstrikes to overthrow the Taliban regime. But the United States and its allies have not been able to liberate Afghanistan from the Taliban in less than 20 years, except for a few major cities such as Kabul and Kandahar. However, in the heart of the country.

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Taliban is the norm

During the five years of Taliban rule, they enforced a strict version of Sharia law. Women were mainly prevented from working or studying and they could not go out of the house without male guardians. According to the Taliban fatwa, when girls go out on the streets, the sound of their feet cannot reach the ears of a stranger. So wearing heel shoes is also forbidden. Since 1996, educating girls has become a struggle.

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