The swimmer was trying to escape, suddenly the crocodile attacked and then......

The swimmer was trying to escape, suddenly the crocodile attacked and then… – Watch Shocking Video

A horrifying video has captured the moment a crocodile chased and attacked a swimmer in Brazil. The incident took place on Saturday near Lago do Amor Lake in Campo Grande, a lake popular among tourists in a wooded area. However, the presence of crocodiles is off-limits to swimmers, so when Willian Caetano saw a man entering the restricted waters, he started making videos.

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“A man entered the water at around 4:40 pm and started swimming at the place where entry is prohibited,” he said.

His video shows the moment a crocodile started chasing the swimmer in the lake. According to Caetano, the man tried to swim fast to avoid the crocodile coming behind. The footage shows Gator making a way for the swimmer and attacking him. Who managed to bite into the hand of the swimmer.

Caetano said, “Suddenly, a crocodile starts chasing him. He tried to swim fast to escape, but the crocodile managed to reach him and bite the man’s arm when he was out of the water.” When he came, his arm was completely bled. And was very frightened, saying he didn’t know there was a crocodile.”

According to local reports, people called the mobile emergency care service after the attack. The swimmer suffered no injuries, except for a minor injury to his arm.

According to Garapira Marinelva de Silva, who has run a sugarcane juice stand in Lago do Amor for the past five years, this is the first time someone has entered the water to swim. This place is famous for the presence of alligators. “Sometimes, the kids go there, but then we tell them there’s a crocodile and it’s dirty and they come back,” she told the local news website Campo Grande News.

It is believed that a lack of warning signals to swimmers to stay away from the water may have been responsible for the attack.