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The Spanish Football Federation opposes the LaLiga-CVC pact: “An illegal, lousy and regrettable agreement”

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has entered this Wednesday in the battle unleashed between LaLiga and Real Madrid and FC Barcelona for the agreement reached by the employer chaired by Javier Tebas with the CVC investment fund. The body chaired by Luis Rubiales, usually in disagreement with the movements of Tebas, 24 hours before the LaLiga Assembly that must vote on it, has published a statement in which it considers the agreement “illegal”, which from an economic point of view sees “lousy and regrettable for the future of Spanish football and, instead, fantastic for a fund and other potential beneficiaries.”

The text of the RFEF argues that Tebas has the legal capacity to reach the agreement that it has closed with CVC: “If there are clubs that, with their inalienable and unavailable rights by third parties, want to go into debt voluntarily, there is no problem in doing so, whether the conditions are considered market or usurious, but not by means of an illegal agreement that obliges everyone, through the false attribution in favor of the LNFP of rights that it does not possess ”.

Rubiales believes that the agreements with CVC “will undoubtedly generate numerous litigation derived from the agreement and may put its own viability in doubt, since it is intended to force some legal institutions to the extreme.” And he warns that “the rights of the clubs and SAD are heavily taxed for the next fifty years in exchange for a small amount of money.” In this area, it recalls the current decree law for the centralized commercialization of audiovisual rights and the contributions to modest football that it contemplates, and warns that “it will not allow the contribution to be reduced during those 50 years”, thus threatening to “Exercise the appropriate legal actions to defend their rights and those of non-professional football.” And it raises the conflict to the Government by saying that the Higher Sports Council “would find itself in the same situation as the RFEF.”

Finally, Rubiales assures that “various First and Second Division clubs” have sent him complaints and comments about the agreement, for which he has “communicated his firm opposition to this agreement, through a burofax sent to the LNFP.”

The first response from Tebas to the statement came through Twitter, in an ironic tone: “At last the RFEF releases the long-awaited statement on the Super League supporting UEFA and leagues. Oh no! What about a project that liquidated Spanish football? Of course, to attack LaLiga they do not fail. Instructions must be followed … If the documents have not been studied! ”, He wrote.

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