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‘The sole aim of the commission is to make the Chief Minister of Kerala a corpse’; K Sudhakaran against Pinarayi


  • K Sudhakaran against the Chief Minister
  • KPCC president sharply criticized
  • The anti-K rail agitation continues

Pathanamthitta: KPCC president K Sudhakaran has said that Kerala is ruled by Shavanthini Chief Minister and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has only one objective of running the commission. Sudhakaran said that although Kerala has seen many Chief Ministers, it has never seen a Chief Minister like this. He was speaking after inaugurating the Congress Constituency Committee office at Konni Aruvapulam.

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“Isn’t Kerala ruled by a Left government? This is a country that has seen a lot of Chief Ministers. Kerala has never seen a Chief Minister like this. Unfortunately, he has become my countryman.” K Sudhakaran said that the only objective of the Chief Minister is to get the commission no matter what happens.

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K Sudhakaran’s remarks came at a time when the land survey work for the K Rail Silver Line project, which is being implemented by the state government, is in progress. The UDF and the BJP are going ahead with the agitation against the project which is facing criticism as it will adversely affect the state. Yesterday, the Congress had organized protests in all the district centers and in the Secretariat. Shashi Tharoor’s stand against K Rail was a setback for the party. The statement made by K Sudhakaran with a warning against Shashi Tharoor was also news.

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