IndiaThe sex education proposal was welcomed by the younger generation; Women's...

The sex education proposal was welcomed by the younger generation; Women’s Commission calls for mandatory premarital counseling


  • The proposal to provide sex education was welcomed by the younger generation
  • Plans to make premarital counseling mandatory
  • There will be strict action in cases of torture

Thiruvananthapuram: P Sathi Devi, chairperson of the women’s commission, said that there is a situation where pre-marital counseling should be made compulsory in the state. She also said that it is the moral sense of a Malayalee to frown when he hears about sex education. She added that there will be strict legal action in cases of torture.

Adv. Asianet News reported that Satidevi said. The new generation welcomed the idea of ​​making sex education compulsory. But she also clarified that the moral consciousness of the Malayalees needs to be discussed.

“Sex education is frowning in Kerala. It shows how much the moral consciousness of the Malayalees needs to be discussed. Trolls are coming. But the younger generation welcomes this.” P Sathi Devi told the news channel.

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The chairperson of the women’s commission told the news channel that the reason for the speedy administration of justice in the Uthra murder case was that it happened in Kerala. They said the reason for sentencing the culprit in the Uttar Pradesh murder case was because of a scientific investigation. She said that gender justice and women’s security should be ensured and efforts are being made to create a feminist Kerala. She said everyone should be able to approach the existing legal framework without fear. She said that even in isolated incidents, there are situations where people come forward voluntarily to react against it.

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Within hours of taking charge as the chairperson of the new Women’s Commission, a classmate killed a student inside the Palayil campus. She expressed concern that young people were losing their sense of what a friendship between classmates should be.

The Women’s Commission had earlier said that sex education should be given to children in schools in the backdrop of recurring atrocities against girls and women in Kerala. She also said she will provide counseling to children in colleges. The issue became a hot topic on social media with a section of people mocking it. Meanwhile, Chinta Jerome, chairperson of the Youth Commission, has come out in support of the Women’s Commission’s recommendation for gender awareness classes in schools. The historic proposal of the Women’s Commission is also receiving great support from social media and the media.

Sooraj is now lodged in Poojappura Central Jail