IndiaThe 'Romeo Helicopter', which destroys the submarine, will increase the strength of...

The ‘Romeo Helicopter’, which destroys the submarine, will increase the strength of the Indian Navy, the first batch of crew completed the training

New Delhi: The training of the first batch of Indian Navy crew for Romeo helicopter has been completed. This batch was training at North Island Naval Air Station in America. He was given conversion training and advanced qualification training on MH 60R Romeo helicopter in 10 months of training. This trained crew will now take over the responsibility of inducting Romeo helicopter into the Indian Navy.

Under the Government to Government deal, a deal has been done to get 24 Romeo helicopters for the Indian Navy. This deal was done in the year 2020 for about Rs 16000 crore. The Indian Navy will retire its obsolete Sea King helicopters from Romeo Helicopters.

Romeo Helicopter is a multi role helicopter. With this helicopter, a ship can be attacked, relief and rescue work, submarine can be found and it can be destroyed. Also, monitoring can be done in the sea. Through this, air-to-surface Hellfire missiles can also be fired.

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The Romeo helicopter is also used in the US Navy as a submarine hunter. This helicopter can be used from all types of warships such as aircraft carrier, destroyer or frigate. Romeo helicopters are also used by America, Australia and Japan. Now these helicopters will increase the capability of the Navy.