WorldThe ringleader of the organization nicknamed 'Otoniel', Colombia's most wanted drug smuggler,...

The ringleader of the organization nicknamed ‘Otoniel’, Colombia’s most wanted drug smuggler, was caught

ColombiaOtoniel, the ringleader of the Clan del Golfo organization, who was captured in the operation called “Osiris” in the town of Necocli in the northwest of Turkey, was taken by the soldiers by helicopter.

Colombian President Ivan Duque announced that the capture of Otoniel was the biggest blow to the leaders of the organization since the drug lord Pablo Escobar, who was captured dead on December 2, 1993.

Addressing the members of the criminal organization Clan del Golfo, Duque said, “I am calling out to those affiliated with this organization. Otherwise, what will happen to you is clear. Surrender to justice immediately, the force of law is above everything.”

Noting that Otoniel is the most feared drug smuggler in the world, Duque said, “He is the murderer of police, soldiers, social leaders, and also the person responsible for recruiting young people. He was caught by the meticulous and joint operation of the security forces.” said.

There was a big reward for his capture.

It was noted that Otoniel will be tried for 120 crimes, including dozens of murders, kidnapping, forming a criminal organization, and drug trafficking.

A reward of 800,000 dollars was offered for Otoniel, who has been sought for by the military and the police for a long time.

Otoniel, who was shown by the USA as one of the most dangerous drug traffickers in the world, was also accused of sending tons of cocaine to this country.

Otoniel took over the head of the criminal organization, replacing his brother Juan de Dios, who was killed by security forces in the operation in 2012.

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