The repairman was repairing the toilet, he got crores of rupees while...

The repairman was repairing the toilet, he got crores of rupees while digging the wall

Now this news is getting a lot of headlines all over the world.

New Delhi:

Many times a person thinks that he may get some treasure from somewhere. What if this really happens to someone? It is obvious that he will get lottery. But these days it really happened with a person. Recently, a case has come to light from America where a person got about five crore rupees when he was repairing a toilet wall. Actually all this happened when he dug up the wall of the toilet, during which he was shocked to see what he saw there.

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According to one information, this incident is from Texas of America. Where a plumber named Justin was busy repairing the wall of the bathroom in a church. Then Justin felt as if there was something inside the wall. That’s why he started digging the wall. When the plaster of the wall started coming off, Justin was shocked to see the money kept there. At first he was surprised and wondered how this could happen. After this Justin decided to show honesty that he would not take this money.

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Justin told the church administration about this. Then he handed over all this amount to the church management. It is being told that this money was stolen about seven years ago from a safe of the church itself, although this money was not found even after searching a lot. At the same time, on getting the money, the church was very happy with Justin’s honesty. Therefore, the church administration, being happy with the honesty of the plumber, also announced to reward him. It has been claimed in a report that about five crore rupees have been recovered from that wall.