IndiaThe Prime Minister has said that India will completely stop emitting carbon...

The Prime Minister has said that India will completely stop emitting carbon by 2070


Prime Minister Modi described the commitments as “panchamritham”. He reiterated that India is working very hard to address the issues related to climate change. This is the first time that India has announced a timetable for a complete cessation of carbon emissions.

Ten years more than China

With the announcement of India’s timetable, the target is 10 years longer than China and 20 years longer than the US and the European Union. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused developed countries of not helping developing countries.

The five announcements of the Prime Minister are as follows:

1. By 2070, India will have reduced its carbon emissions to zero

2. By 2030, India will increase its non-fossil energy capacity to 500 gigawatts

3. By 2030, India will reduce its carbon footprint to 45 percent

4. By 2030, India will meet 50% of its energy needs through renewable energy.

5. India will reduce its total carbon emissions by one billion tonnes by 2030 –

Significantly affected

Climate change has hit India hard. Efforts are being made to make changes in farming practices accordingly. Priority should be given to plans to adapt to the climate. Instead, Modi said at the summit that plans to reduce carbon emissions rapidly were an injustice to developing countries. The Prime Minister said that many traditional peoples have the knowledge to adapt to nature. He said such knowledge should be part of the school curriculum.