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The President of France cannot live for more than one and a half hours without talking to his wife, the new book opened the pages of romance

The love story of French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Bridget has always been in the news. Now Bridget’s friend and French journalist Gail Chuckloff has told in a book how the President is unable to go more than an hour and a half without talking to his wife. It has also been claimed in the book that the President discusses all his business with Bridget and both do not do any work without the knowledge of each other.

‘calls every one and a half hours’
In addition to Bridget, Gayle has also spoken to people working with the President for this book. Gail says that she was shocked to see Macron’s love story. He told that Immanuel calls Bridget every one and a half hours. France’s first couple is discussed not only for romance, but also for the fact that after a gap of about 20 years in age, both of them have kept their relationship strong.

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‘Let’s talk
Gayle has told that both have shared their schedule. He is always aware of the other. He has told that Immanuel tells Bridget the situation for the whole day. Bridget also waits to hear from them. Sometimes both are in sleep but still talk to each other. Even at times, Immanuel’s staff goes to Bridget to get him to talk.

Bridget told Gayle, ‘As long as we’re together, everything will be fine. We are very lucky to have met each other. Our bond is there from day one as is evident. People do not understand because in society everyone cares about themselves, but being a couple does not separate you from yourself, you become stronger and respect increases.

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This couple is very close
When Immanuel was 15 years old, Bridget taught literature at his school. Bridget was married then and she thought that Immanuel would later become a comedian or writer. A friend of Macron has told that in the initial days of their relationship, everyone used to feel strange but today everyone is surprised to see their strong relationship. Hardly any presidential couple in the history of France has been so close.


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