SportsThe president of Athletic throws in the towel

The president of Athletic throws in the towel

The president of Athletic, Aitor Elizegi, this Saturday in the Assembly.ATHLETIC (Europa Press)

Aitor Elizegi lost his last ordinary Assembly at Athletic, like the previous two, despite the most relevant announcement of the session, which came indirectly: “It is the last time that I defend a budget from this lectern.” That is to say, he will not stand in the elections scheduled for June 2022, although he was not right in his forecast, because he will have to defend the budgets in an extraordinary assembly, since the attendees rejected them. The 120 euros of spill that the president asked for weighed down the numbers in the voting, despite the fact that the forces of the assembly are more balanced since the bag of delegates was renewed a couple of months ago.

Elizegi thus becomes a lick duck, a lame duck, as American presidents who do not, or cannot, re-enlist for reelection are known. After three turbulent years, with much internal opposition, and the pandemic involved, which have demanded drastic measures and economic cuts, Elizegi will now try to approve the new statutes, something that Fernando García Macua and Josu Urrutia, his predecessors, did not achieve. The delegates feel the threat of the possible loss of decision-making power.

In an assembly that approved the numbers of the previous season and the incorporation of a new manager, César Sáez Hidalgo, but rejected the management of the board and the budgets, the president seemed more relaxed after announcing his resignation to follow a new period, a decision that was not known by a large part of the executives who accompanied him, surprised on the stage. He defended the management of his board, attacked Javier Tebas for football schedules, and encouraged those who present themselves to the elections, continue the work: “We will listen to you with loyalty. They will surely bring the keys and solutions of the project we are looking for. What we don’t want is for them to leave this path because we believe in this model, in innovation, in creativity and in courage ”.

The board’s accountant, Jon Ander De las Fuentes, who caused controversy the previous week with statements in which he defended that Athletic would need to sell players, wanted to reassure the club’s social mass, stating that he was calm with the witness that they were going to hand over to his successors: “We left a more prepared male and female staff in the medium term than we found ourselves. Not recognizing that they are manifestly more capable is not recognizing the work done. We are going to leave this club a little better than we found it ”. This although the numbers have worsened with the pandemic and other issues, such as the ruling of the Luxembourg Court that forced the club to enter the Tax Office 3,188,000 euros for a corporate tax regularization between 2015 and 2018.

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