TechnologyThe portable power station to use on the go (or at home)

The portable power station to use on the go (or at home)

Electricity is essential in our day to day. We have innumerable devices whose operation depends on this energy, either because they have to be continuously plugged into the current or because they have batteries that must be recharged. Experiencing a temporary power outage can alter our vital comfort and our routines. In these cases, having an electric power generator such as the Bluetti Poweroak AC200P is of great help. Its enormous battery capacity, its variety of options to charge all kinds of devices and its simplicity of use are its hallmarks.

The Bluetti weighs around 26 kilos, and its size is very compact: it measures 41 centimeters long, 28 high and 39 wide.

The Bluetti Poweroak AC200P is portable, which means that it can be used outside the home with complete reliability and solvency. It is a full-fledged mini-power plant. It weighs around 26 kilos –the manufacturer advises moving and carrying it carefully– and its size is very compact: it measures 41 centimeters long, 28 centimeters high and 39 centimeters wide. It is perfect on those outdoor vacation getaways, ensuring the energy supply necessary to run all the appliances we carry.

20 power generators in one

The Bluetti Poweroak AC200P has a 2,000Wh charging capacity and two built-in 2,000W AC inverters, helping it withstand up to 4,800Wh of surge. Its use is dual: it can be used to charge small devices (mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras or drones) and as a power supply for those devices that require higher electrical consumption in their operation, such as air conditioning systems, refrigerators , hair dryers, kettles or coffee machines.

One of the most relevant features of the AC200P is its competence to charge and power several devices at the same time. It has 13 differentiated zones, to connect everything you need:

Four USB-A ports, each with a power output of 5V / 3.0 A.

One USB-C power supply port, with a charging speed of 60W, higher than that offered by most portable batteries.

Two wireless charging stations dual 5V / 3A on the top, designed to bring smart mobile phones and tablets back to life at high speed.

Two 12V / 3A DC ports, perfect for charging laptops.

A car port with 12V / 10A DC power supply, to be used in a similar way to the cigarette lighter socket that is integrated into the vehicle.

One DC 12V / 25A port with a ton of power, capable of recharging any electric vehicle.

Two AC outlets with a shared output power of 2000 W, which allow two electrical appliances to be powered at the same time – a refrigerator and a mini grill, for example.

In addition, the AC200P is very versatile when it has to be charged. It offers five different possibilities:

– With a traditional 400W AC power adapter, ideal for use at home.

– With a 12V / 24V car charger, designed to be used while traveling

– Using a connection of solar panels.

– Using a gasoline or diesel generator.

– Using an external lead acid battery.

Great ease of use

To control all functions, the Bluetti Poweroak AC200P incorporates an LCD touch screen on the front, next to the connection ports. In a simple and intuitive way it is possible to access multiple actions and information of the device. Knowing the energy capacity that remains to be used or the amount of energy that the power plant emits at all times are two of the most common queries.

The device incorporates an LCD touch screen on the front, next to the connection ports. In a simple and intuitive way it is possible to access its multiple actions and information

The selection of modes of use is also managed through this screen, being able to choose the energy saving mode if what you want is for the AC200P to turn off automatically if the output power falls below the ranges that we have previously established.

Robust and reliable

Do not lose sight of the fact that the Bluetti Poweroak AC200P is an electrical device, so it is vital to certify maximum safety during use. The materials used in the manufacture are of excellent quality. All ports are covered with protectors that prevent the entry of dust and liquids from accidental splashes. These shields They also protect connectors from accidental bumps, such as those that can occur during transport in the trunk of a vehicle.

Since this power station can produce 2,000W, and in order to keep the temperature in low and safe ranges, the AC200P has a fan that automatically activates in two modes. When 45ºC is reached, or whenever 250W is exceeded (and up to 1,000W), it turns on at low speed. In case of exceeding 50ºC or 1,500W, the fan will work at maximum power.

The Bluetti Poweroak AC200P equips a LiFePO4 or lithium-ferrophosphate battery pack. They stand out for their high energy density, their safety and their great durability: they support more than 3,500 charge cycles.

All the energy you need

With the Bluetti Poweroak AC200P you have all the necessary electrical autonomy to avoid changing your life in the event of a power cut or when making a trip to the field. These are just a few examples of what this powerful charging station can handle:

  • Allows you to charge the laptop about 19 times.
  • Recharge the mobile phone battery more than 100 times.
  • Provides electricity to the air conditioner for about 80 minutes.
  • The television will be powered beyond 15 hours.
  • Ensures the operation of the refrigerator up to 11 hours.
  • It is possible to use a drill for two hours without stopping.
  • The washing machine will be operational for at least three hours and forty minutes.