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“The PKK has shed a lot of blood in our country, it has done a lot of damage. We care that Iraq stands with us in this struggle.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that they are ready to provide all kinds of support for Iraq to be a political and safe country. “We have been fighting the PKK for a long time. The PKK has shed a lot of blood and done a lot of damage in our country. We care that Iraq stands by us in this fight.” said.

Varank received the Minister of Industry and Mines of the Republic of Iraq Menhel Aziz Al-Habbaz and his delegation at the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

In his speech here, Varank wished that the cooperation in the production areas of the two countries would bring along a new and more dynamic period.

Noting that Turkey and Iraq are two countries with historical and kinship ties, Varank continued as follows:

“We want to act together in the field of foreign policy. The trade volume between us is at a serious level and when we look at the trade balance, we see that we actually have a balanced trade relationship. Iraq is our 4th largest export and 5th largest import partner. Today, we have a trade volume of 17.3 billion dollars. We want to open more beautiful pages between Turkey and Iraq by observing our mutual economic relations and increasing our investments. Your visit is important in this sense. You have visited the OIZ and different technical visits here. I think these are important visits in terms of showing the new mechanisms that we can put into effect between the two countries. “The bigger the economy, the bigger we grow. We approach it with this understanding.”

“We should make more efforts to sign the Agreement on the Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments”

Varank stated that as two Muslim states, they should definitely restore the beautiful relations they had in history, and expressed that they were extremely pleased with the reconciliatory and balanced attitude of Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazimi.

Emphasizing that they closely follow what is done in the fight against DAESH in this sense, Varank made the following assessments:

“We also follow the reform moves initiated in Iraq. The continuation of this move in Iraq depends on the continuity of political stability. In this sense, we attach great importance to your elections on 10 October. We hope that DEASH has inflicted great damage on our country. In this sense, I want you to know that we will respond positively to any support and request from us. We have also been fighting against the PKK for a long time. The PKK has shed a lot of blood in our country, inflicted a lot of damage. Iraq is with us in this struggle. “We are ready to support Iraq’s capacity in all kinds of struggles. We are taking very successful steps in the defense industry. We are pleased to bring this capacity to Iraq and make it a safe and stable country in its region.”

Recalling the protocol they signed at the 18th Turkey-Iraq Joint Economic Commission meeting in Ankara in 2018, Varank said, “Here, we decided to sign an Agreement on the Mutual Promotion and Protection of Investments. We should make more efforts to sign this.” used the phrase.

Varank provides consultancy, creating planned industrial zones, establishing OIZs in Iraq as in Turkey, even establishing joint OIZs, preparing the necessary legislation for TÜBİTAK and TSE to work in partnership with their counterparts in Iraq, and investing in dairy products. He said that they are ready to give all kinds of support to Iraq in the fields of support, health, medical and pesticides.

Noting that they have issued investment incentive certificates for 55 Iraqi companies in Turkey, Varank added that they did not find this sufficient and that they would be pleased to host Iraqi companies in Turkey.

El-Habbaz, on the other hand, pointed out that the historical ties between the two countries are very strong and said that they are doing their best to strengthen the relations between the governments.

Emphasizing that they need a strategic partner like Turkey in the region, El-Habbaz said that they expect support from Turkey in their country, especially in the fields of industry, technology, construction and health, when investments can be made.

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